About us

Essaar Instruments Private Limited. EIPL is one of India’s largest Pollution, Process, Environemtal Monitoring, & water Quality Measurement Supplier, possessing over 15 years experience in environmental, technology of various gases measurements. Also we do engineering service and sourcing services for various applications as well. This professional attitude has resulted in ESSAAR being selected as a preffered suppliers by several major Indian industies.

Building our company on trust and dynamic innovation,We introduce cutting-edge technology to the local market by sourcing specialist equipment from world’s leading manufacturers.

Our promise is to deliver a safe, environmental-friendly,healthy,smart working and living environment.Our statergy is to provide value for customer,deliver perfect solution for smart city, production,safety,environmental protection and enhance the health of the people’s livelihood.


Essaar has full geographical coverage of India and Sri Lanka.

We have an extensively installed base in key industries including mining, power generation, petrochemical, paper, timber, sugar, base metals, refineries, food, plastics, brewing, research and environmental protection.

We have a proven track record of satisfied customers which we believe is the true measurement of effective service. Essaar can provide a simple monitoring instrument or a complete ambient monitoring station including meteorological equipment and data logging, for which we provide complete service and support.