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  • Lab Gas Generator Products

    Specialize in manufacturing quality Laboratory Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero Air, TOC Gas Generators, Air Dryers and CO / CO2 free air generators and supply to the world leaders across a range of industries, from Life Sciences, Research laboratories, Food Packaging, Oil Industry, Laser Cutting, Medical Products and many more.

    Lab generators








  • Mass Flow,Liquid Flow,Pressure Meter and Controller













  • Gas Dilutors – Mixers & Distributing Instruments

    This system enables preparing gas standards from 2 to 12 gases according to the ISO 6145-7, for multi-point calibration. Its software internal development along with the support of the mathematicians.

    Gas Dilutors









  • Laboratory Liquid Analysis

    The measure of a liquid’s parameters wide variety of industries ranging from water and wastewater treatment,chemical production, agriculture research and production, environmental monitoring, chemical and life sciences research, biochemical and pharmaceutical research, electronics production to food processing and other industrial applications.

    Types :
    Pocket-Sized Testers Economy Handhelds Standard
    Handhelds Waterproof Handhelds Bench Meters
    Process Instruments Laboratory Electrodes
    pH, Ion, Conductivity / TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Colorimetry, Turbidity and Multi-Parameter

    Lab Liquid Analysis













  • ICP / ICP – MS Sample Introduction Systems (All Make)