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Gas Monitoring


A techniques to measure the concentration of ammonia in exhaust gas have been evaluated.

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Steel Industry

A furnace for heating slabs needs to be operated under low oxygen conditions at high temperatures ..

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Aluminium smelter

Aluminium smelting is the process of extracting aluminium from its oxide.


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Nuclear Industry

In the pressurised heavy water nuclear reactor of nuclear powerplant the use for D2O or heavy water is as a moderator..

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Fence line monitoring

Arranging monitoring paths strategically at locations outside the borderline of an industrial area

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Cross stack measurement

In the stack system of the industries, dust with some harmful gases such as SOx,NOx will be released to the atmosphere.

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Water Monitoring

Pure water

Feed water / boiler feed water is used for the operation of boiler plants. In general feed water systems supply steam ..

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Process Water

Process water is characterized by having suspended and dissolved pollutants as well as a complex water..

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Waste Water

Waste water is characterized by suspended and dissolved pollutantsand has a significantly more complex water composition than municipal waste water..

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